Selling a business – The process

1. Initial appraisal

We will undertake an initial appraisal of the business.

2. Feedback to client in terms of valuation

We will let you have our opinion on the value of the business and any other relevant comments.

3. Formal instructions received from client

Our standard broker agreement will need to be signed if you wish to formally instruct us.

4. Preparation of the Information Memorandum

We will draft an Information Memorandum for your approval.

5. Marketing commences

By this stage we will have developed a profile of the most likely type of buyer (trade, individual(s) or investors). Each of our clients businesses therefore requires an individual and tailored approach to marketing. Our marketing will consist of all or some of the following:

  • Confidential direct approaches to potential trade buyers identified by us.
  • Confidential approaches to sector specific prospects we jointly identify with our client.
  • Approaches to purchasers registered with us.
  • Advertising in national press.
  • Advertising via a number of national and international internet sites.
  • Advertising in the trade press.

6. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a major issue for the majority of our clients. All prospective purchasers are closely vetted by us and will need to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to any commercially sensitive information being released.

7. Meetings with prospective purchasers

Once they have been vetted and signed a confidentiality agreement we will arrange for you to meet all suitable prospective purchasers.

8. Dealing with offers

All offers will be made to us and communicated to you as soon as they are received.

9. Negotiation

We will handle all negotiation with prospective purchasers and take your instructions at all stages.

10. Agreements and ‘head of terms’

Once the price and structure of the sale has been agreed we will draft heads of terms to be signed by you and your purchaser.

11. Buyer due diligence

Your purchaser will want to undertake some detailed due diligence at this stage. We will facilitate this process and deal with any issues that arise.

12. Instruction of legal advisors

When heads of terms have been signed we will contact both parties legal advisors.

13. Progressing the sale

We will keep in contact with both parties and the other professional advisors involved as the sale progresses towards completion.

If you are thinking about selling your business, please call 0845 300 1642 or contact us here.

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