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Ventura Business Brokers service to sellers

Ventura Business Brokers offer an ‘end to end’ service to the vendors of privately owned businesses.

The Initial Business Appraisal

As the starting point we will need to understand the reasons for the sale and gain an understanding of your preferred exit strategy. We also need to take an overview of the business in order to advise as to whether the time is right to sell.

Many businesses are placed on the market without any preparation whatsoever. For example, does the success of the business depend on the current owner? What are the trading trends? Is significant investment going to be required in the short term? What are the relationships with key customers and suppliers?

The Ventura Business Broker director handling your account will give you a realistic assessment and if further work is needed prior to sale will be able to give ongoing consultancy and advice to help you position for a successful outcome.


Once we are both confident that the business is ready for sale we will need to undertake a detailed valuation.

This process will involve gaining an understanding of your market strength and position, your financial performance and your assets and liabilities.

In certain circumstances such as where there is substantial freehold property involved we may recommend an independent valuation of the buildings. The ‘bricks and mortar’ valuation will be required by your purchaser so it makes sense to undertake the exercise at the outset.


As soon as we are formally instructed we will produce an Information Memorandum for your approval. Once this document is approved the marketing of your business will begin. Our marketing methods include:

  • National and international marketing.
  • Approaches to purchasers registered with us.
  • Making confidential approaches to sector specific prospective purchasers identified by us.
  • Making confidential approaches to sector specific prospects we jointly identify with our client.


Confidentiality is of paramount importance throughout the sale process. All potential purchasers are very carefully screened in order to ensure that they are both qualified and serious prospects for your business. Undertakings of confidentiality will always be required from all interested parties prior to any detailed information being released. In any event commercially confidential information will not be released without your approval.


Prospective purchasers wishing to make an offer for your business will be referred to us and we will negotiate the price and other terms on your behalf.

Heads of Terms

As soon as agreement is reached with your buyer we will draw up the Heads of Terms document. This document will be used by the lawyers and other professional advisors to ensure that the contracts and other formal documents accurately reflect the terms of the transaction.

Due Diligence

Your buyer will want to undertake some detailed Due Diligence. We will coordinate this exercise and will be available to try to ensure that any misunderstandings or issues are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.


We will work with the other professionals involved in order to ensure that the transaction is completed effectively and in accordance with the timescale agreed.

If you are about to sell a business, please call 01902 762998 or contact us here. Ventura Business Brokers offer a full service to the vendors of privately owned businesses.

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