Information memorandum

Once instructed Ventura Business Brokers will produce an Information Memorandum for your business.

This document will be made available to prospective purchasers once they have given an undertaking of confidentiality.

Listed below are some of the features that may appear in a typical Information Memorandum. The content and amount of information provided will of course vary from business to business.

Executive Summary

  • Business overview
  • Financial overview
  • Market Position overview

The Company

  • History and background
  • Ownership structure

The Market

  • Position in the market (market share)
  • Market trends
  • Market potential
  • Customers and suppliers
  • Unique selling points
  • Customer breakdown by type and sector
  • Product portfolio and trends
  • Relationships with key suppliers


  • Executive management team
  • The workforce
  • Skills and availability


  • Technology employed
  • Internet and e-commerce


  • Description of portfolio
  • Freehold valuations
  • Lease terms


  • Key Financials
  • Profit and loss statements for the past five years
  • Trading summary for the past five years
  • Balance sheet for the last five years
  • Cash flow statement
  • Income and cost projections
  • Staff costs
  • Stock

The Offering

  • Transaction and price
  • The process


  • Staff function chart
  • Photographs (if applicable)
  • Client testimonials

If you are thinking about selling your business, please call 01902 762998 or contact us here.

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