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How to value a business – when selling a company

8 key steps to valuing your business – when selling a company. Vendors and purchasers will often go through a very different through process when considering value. There is no standard model of valuation. The traditional methods of profit multiples, asset value and discounted cash flow all their place but the market value arrived at […]

What are the common pitfalls when selling a business?

The best way to avoid any pitfalls at all is to go to an experienced broker. There will be a charge, obviously, but making a mistake when selling something of such high value could be disastrous and having the best advice at hand is always the way to go and could save you a fortune […]

Should I use a UK Business Broker?

Selling your business is not something you venture into lightly and so you need to make the very best choices possible when it comes to the processes. Choosing a business broker is obviously a good way to go because they will have the experience necessary to ensure everything runs smoothly but now the Internet is […]

I’ve decided I want to sell my company – what now?

Sell my company! If you’ve decided that you want to sell your company, then by far the best thing to do is to engage a business broker who can help you make sure everything is in place, get you the right price for it and ensure the process moves smoothly. There are several distinct stages […]

What is an information memorandum document?

An information memorandum is an important document when it comes to selling your company. It gives any potential buyer an overview of the company that is being sold and it provides the necessary information a potential buyer may need in order to decide whether they want to pursue a purchase. A business may have built […]

How do I go about selling my company?

The most common question asked of any business broker looks simple – “How do I go about selling my company?” Unfortunately the answer very rarely satisfies because it really depends on what kind of business it is. We’ve put together a whole set of documents that explain it, starting here: https://www.venturabusinessbrokers.co.uk/selling/initial-considerations/ but I’m sure some […]

Have you got a good reason to sell?

Selling a business that you’ve built up over years is never a decision to be taken lightly and it’s likely that many thoughts will be going through your mind as you weigh up the pros and cons. Making a rash decision . We’ve dealt with many businesses who have decided that it’s time to sell […]